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I know. Too long, huh? I am sorry. Because I know some of you missed me. Well, at least remembered I exist =D. Seriously, Kin, Tanya, Melanie, girls, sorry I made you worry. Vonnie, Vered, hi, pumpkins. Pam? You here?
Also I am veeeeery sorry that I missed so many bdays. All the best to ALL of you.
I don't think you need my excuses. I just promise to show up now and then.
I have something for you though. My usual NSFW Friday post ;)
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How are you? I did miss you all. <3
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It is a short post to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who posted and PMed, sent vgifts and wrote fics for me. I have the most amazing LJ friends! I love you.

The day was awesome and very very special. I promise to reply to everybody a bit later.

Thank you!
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Down with flu

I know. I swear I do. Guilty. So Sorry.
Now that I move only to get myself water? I found these. BEST THINGS EVER.
The tears are tattoed.
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Girls! Darlings! Happy bdays! You know I love you, huh? Lindty, spike, soul. I will be back. Soon.