aaa_mazing (aaa_mazing) wrote,

A Start

I started to write this ages ago. I will finish it one day for you, Pam. You are loved and missed.

Thank you, Carmen, for the amazing banner.
Cumple de Pam 2013 definitivo
Brian woke up surprisingly early on Saturday morning to find himself spooning the smaller body beside him. “Jesus fucking Christ! Brian cuddling Kinney!” flashed in his head. But although a part of him was afraid to admit that even to himself, the other one liked it. The boy by his side made him feel…different. Happier.

Brian was watching Justin sleep. He couldn’t believe this young man changed his life, turned it upside down, made the stud of Liberty Avenue abandon his habits, and reconsider his free-fuck policy.

Brian never thought of them being monogamous, being a couple, but it was obvious that his visits to the backroom of Babylon had become more seldom, and reduced to null after the accident.

Brian heard Justin’s breath changed. The boy was awakening. Brian buried his face in the straw-blond bristling hair, still short after the surgery, inhaled the scent of fruit shampoo and … Justin. His scent was becoming very familiar and close. The man tightened his embrace, pulling Justin to his own body, and whispered, “Good morning, Sunnyboy.”

Justin mewled, rubbed the back of his head against Brian’s cheek, and murmured, “Morning.” He half turned in the brunet’s arms and stretched, his eyes still closed. Brian felt the heat Justin’s body was radiating. He liked the first minutes of their mornings, warm sleepy Justin in his hands, his cozy hold, and dreamy good morning kisses. Those moments when Justin’s eyes were still closed, and they didn’t have to face the reality.

The blond stroked Brian’s arms wrapped around his pale body, and took them off. “I need a pee,” he said.
Brian screwed up his face, “You sound like Gus.”

“Have any problems with younger men?” Justin turned his face to the brunet, and raised his eyebrow questioningly.
“Get out until it ended as it sometimes does with Gus.” Brian swatted Justin’s butt.

“Asshole!” Justin reacted immediately; they both laughed.
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